Beer and Dice- Skull and Shackles

Session 4

session 4

DUNGEON MASTER: [Start of Session] DUNGEON MASTER: Start of day 3 STUMPY/RUBEUS: Stumpy will be a swab today, and Rubeus will be cooking. DUNGEON MASTER: As stumpy and Rubeus come up for breakfast they see Scourge and Plugg talking together, then Mr. Plugg comes over to the two of them and says…“you’ll be our rat catchers today” he laughs an evil laugh…watch out that they don’t bite ya and give ya some disease! DUNGEON MASTER: Task of catching rats [Catching rats and other vermin below decks, requiring either a DC 10 Stealth check, Survival check, or Dexterity check to catch and kill enough rats, cockroaches, and beetles for a good day’s work.] DUNGEON MASTER: Mr. Plugg then goes to Rubeus and Lumak and says Fishguts needs a lot of help today, you’ll be helping him…move ya sorry assess! DUNGEON MASTER: When Rubeus and Lumak get to Kroop the Cook, he tells you that he needs some fish and sends you out to fish all day DUNGEON MASTER: Fishing[ Catching tonight’s supper using the ship’s nets. A DC 10 Profession (fisherman) or Survival check provides enough fish. A failed check results in a day in the bilges as punishment the following day] STUMPY/RUBEUS: Stumpy and Varek will make an attempt to influence the fair Halfling lass Rosie during their breaks from vermin squashing. Andrew Stevenson: Stumpy rat catching 1+2=3 Andrew Stevenson: Stumpy success DUNGEON MASTER: [Start of Session] DUNGEON MASTER: Start of day 3

STUMPY/RUBEUS: Stumpy will be a swab today, and Rubeus will be cooking.
DUNGEON MASTER: As stumpy and Rubeus come up for breakfast they see Scourge and Plugg talking together, then Mr. Plugg comes over to the two of them and says…“you’ll be our rat catchers today” he laughs an evil laugh…watch out that they don’t bite ya and give ya some disease!
DUNGEON MASTER: Task of catching rats [Catching rats and other vermin below decks, requiring either a DC 10 Stealth check, Survival check, or Dexterity check to catch and kill enough rats, cockroaches, and beetles for a good day’s work.]
DUNGEON MASTER: Mr. Plugg then goes to Rubeus and Lumak and says Fishguts needs a lot of help today, you’ll be helping him…move ya sorry assess!
DUNGEON MASTER: When Rubeus and Lumak get to Kroop the Cook, he tells you that he needs some fish and sends you out to fish all day
DUNGEON MASTER: Fishing[ Catching tonight’s supper using the ship’s nets. A DC 10 Profession (fisherman) or Survival check provides enough fish. A failed check results in a day in the bilges as punishment the following day]
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Stumpy and Barek will make an attempt to influence the fair Halfling lass Rosie during their breaks from vermin squashing.
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Stumpy rat catching 1+2=3
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Stumpy successfully deduces that there are vermin hiding somewhere else in this ship.
VAREK/LUMAK: Varek sneaks around attempting to corner the rats and vermin.
Stealth check: 1d20+6 = 16
DUNGEON MASTER: As Stumpy is looking for rats in the Bilge he notices lots of webs in the ceiling of the bilge with several large hairy spiders he particularly notices the largest one that is coming down him clearly seeing him as a meal
DUNGEON MASTER: [initiative please]
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Stumpy Initiative: 7+4=11
VAREK/LUMAK: Varek Perception check: 1d20+5 = 12
VAREK/LUMAK: Varek Initiative check: 1d20+2 = 13
DUNGEON MASTER: Despite seeing the spider in plenty of time the boat sways violently and Stumpy feels the spider on his neck as it bites him and does one damage
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Stumpy hisses through his teeth as the little vermin bites him.

Fort: 20+5=25
DUNGEON MASTER: The spiders venom is fails to effect the old sea dog
VAREK/LUMAK: Varek notices Stumpy engaged with something within the opposite corner of the ship. He moves over to investigate what it is. “What’s going on over there eh?”
VAREK/LUMAK: Varek draws his dagger as he notices the spider dropping down from the roof of the bilges.
STUMPY/RUBEUS: "A spider, she be!’
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Stumpy takes out his cutlass and promptly drops it.
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Fort: 20+5=25
DUNGEON MASTER: The spider hangs on to Stumpy and bites again doing 1 damage but Stumpy is proving immune to its poison
VAREK/LUMAK: “Did ye have grog with your breakfast?” Varek stabs at the spider with his dagger.
To Hit (dagger): 1d20+2 = 9
DUNGEON MASTER: In trying not to stab Stumpy Varek completely misses the spider
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “Does the she-bitch of the seven seas covet gold. Yarrr! Course I did,” cries Stumpy, drawing a dagger and missing by a hair.
DUNGEON MASTER: The Bilge Spider strikes again and successfully bites for another point of damage
DUNGEON MASTER: The poison still has no effect on Stumpy.
VAREK/LUMAK: Varek stabs at the spider again with his dagger.
To Hit (dagger): 1d20+2+2 = 11
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Stumpy slices again with his dagger. This time his blow connects.
Attack: 18
Damage: 12
DUNGEON MASTER: Stumpy manages to not only hit the spider but squashes the flat of his blade against himself effectively leaving a large splotch on his tunic
VAREK/LUMAK: “I believe this incident can be easily forgotten about less it affect me reputation with the ladies,” whispers Varek to Stumpy as he crushes the spider against his dagger.
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “Avassst!” says Stumpy, wiping off his dagger and retrieving his cutlass.
VAREK/LUMAK: Varek jumps back just in case Stumpy tried to wipe the spider guts onto his tunic.
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “The lasses be takin’ to a sea dog with blotchy stains,” replies Stumpy.
DUNGEON MASTER: Just as they have finished their dance with the spider, Rosie comes down to the two of them with their lunches. Plugg Said you to were to remain down here and not to bother coming up yet. so Sandra asked me to bring ya these.
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “Thank ya, lass!” grins Stumpy.
DUNGEON MASTER: Ehhh…Plugg wants ya down here I don’t like Plugg…so fuck him..I’ll feed ya
VAREK/LUMAK: “Thank ye for looking out for us. That Plugg will get his one of these days,” replies Varek as he accepts the food from Rosie.
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “We’ll see that scurvy dog keelhauled yet,” puts in Stumpy with a wink.
DUNGEON MASTER: "Hey Listn her ya…that Plugg is destined for me Handaxe ,see "Rosie twirls the hand axe like a baton….both he and Scourge are gonna loos a hand each to me…I got first dibbs after that ya can do with em whats you want
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “I ain’t one to get in the way of a willful lass!”
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “Nor a willin one, come to that”
DUNGEON MASTER: Don’t ya fucking forget it!
VAREK/LUMAK: “Let them swim to shore with no hands. The timing just has to be right with those two. Make sure we have them by themselves if ye know what I mean.”
STUMPY/RUBEUS: "So how abouts did ya end up on this blasted bit o’ floating corruption?
DUNGEON MASTER: Na settle down…for those two ta go ya need a large group of us to be interested…there’s only mild interest…I ain’t gonna do nothing that get me keelhauled…well not til the wind blows more in my direction!
DUNGEON MASTER: Ahhh was pressed to be crew just like you…they got me in Port Peril 3 days before you
DUNGEON MASTER: them two bastards took me Fiddle….seriously my Fiddle…what harm am I gonna do with that…bastards
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “An’ that’s just about how it always is with this lot, ain’t it? Wonder what became o the previous crew that they needed so many fresh land lubbin swabs in short order?”
DUNGEON MASTER: No idea…we all seem ta be relatively new ‘cept for the officers
STUMPY/RUBEUS: "Ya see we’ll be askin this Plugg some questions before those hatchets topple his mainmast," muses Stumpy.
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “Tell ya what, lass fairest… I’ll be buyin me sword back this even’, seas willin, and there’s nothing to stop me from buyin’ back what’s yours as well,”
DUNGEON MASTER: Rosie stops and looks at you suspiciously…now why would ya be doing that mate…I aint no fucking whore!
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Diplomacy: 14
DUNGEON MASTER: Just cause ya coming “to ma Rescue” don’t mean shit…I aint gonna sleep with anyone that easy!
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “Temper, m’lass! T’was an offer o’ good will, an offering to the god o’ the angry seas, if ya like.”
DUNGEON MASTER: She still looks at you suspiciously..alright….just seems might "generous of you is all, All I’ve done is bring you lunch and that’s more to spite the fucking bastard above than for you
VAREK/LUMAK: Diplomacy check: 1d20+2 = 20
“Ye no harm intended, to be honest I also would like to see ye have your fiddle back to lift the spirit oh the crew during the bloody hour.”
DUNGEON MASTER: She stops and looks at you both…you boys are serious?…no fucking way…well…well…um..if you can that would be great….she looks away somewhat abashed
DUNGEON MASTER: [Rosie is now friendly]
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “Two more serious scurvy dog’s y’ll never meet.”
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “It may take a bit o’ time if it happens to be more valuable than your average fiddle.”
DUNGEON MASTER: Well I’ll be Buggered…dinna think I would find some friends outside of Sandra on this floating Hell hole!
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “Now this other thing’s come to mind, lass—before ya got the ill wind in yer sails ya was talking about others who saw things from yer point o’ the compass?”
DUNGEON MASTER: Na just grumblings of the new press ganged lots of talk no desire for action as of yet..I understand the situation…ya need more time ta assess the mood of the crew. if ya do something too early..thats tha end of ya. Hate ta lose some new friends so quickly.
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “I not be talking about doing anything,” says Stumpy just a bit loudly, as if he is concerned someone might be listening. “I be sayin that you’d be givin us a kick in the sails if you happen to send a couple proper minded sea dogs our way.”
VAREK/LUMAK: “Ye he has already set a few of his lackies onto us to provoke us to kill em in self defence. Ye won’t be caught knifing anyone if it gives him the satisfaction of keelhauling us. It would be good to get the majority of the crew onto our side before we show our hand.”
DUNGEON MASTER: give us time give us time…I’ll keep my ears to the floor
DUNGEON MASTER: Just as you are about to continue talking Giffer Tibbs comes down the stairs. “Hey Rosie…Scourge is looking for ya…betta high tail it up top and look busy”.
DUNGEON MASTER: Rosie says “well best be off…not the time to sit around” I’ll be seeing ya around. With that Rosie leaves twirling her hand axe around like she was from the circus
DUNGEON MASTER: Giffer sees the last pieces of your lunch…dispite it being in your hand he says" ya gonna finish that"?
VAREK/LUMAK: Varek stuffs the food into his mouth. Mumbling, “Finish what?”
DUNGEON MASTER: With a sigh he says…oooh.. never mind
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “Here, lass, ya can savor the rest o’ me biscuit.”
DUNGEON MASTER: She looks up hopeful…ya have some biscuit…where is it
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “Here it be,” says Stumpy, handing over the last scraps of his meal. “All the booty o my voyage. Hard and full o maggots though it be…”
DUNGEON MASTER: She comes over and happily takes the biscuit and eats it
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “Eat hearty, m’ lass.”
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Diplomacy: 11
VAREK/LUMAK: Diplomacy check: 1d20+2 = 5
DUNGEON MASTER: Varek turns around and looks at something on the wall, however just after that happens he accidently lets one rip and manages to fart in the face of the gnome who gags at the smell
DUNGEON MASTER: “You bastard, I’m out of here”
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “As foul wind as ever blew out of hell,” agrees Stumpy, retiring to an opposite corner and getting back to work.
DUNGEON MASTER: As you come out of the bilges Verek’s bag of dead vermin is enough but Stumpys is not enough for Mr Scrouge and he aims to make you an example. “tis time for Bloody Hour Gentlemen and Mr. Stumpy here has volunteered ta be ta entertainment for us tonight. 3 lashes he will be taking. Will ya need to be tied up boy or are ya going to stand there and take it like a man?”
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Stumpy grins, turns his back to Mr Scourge, and raises his arms.
DUNGEON MASTER: As Rubeus and Varek are there fishing Rubeus hears a familiar cry, he looks up and sees his familiar flying towards him
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “Hardtack,” says Rubeus matter-of-factly. “You chose an ill ship to sail on.”
STUMPY/RUBEUS: The bird settles on his shoulder and looks about somewhat disdainfully.
VAREK/LUMAK: Lumak watches the parrot fly to Rubeus’ shoulder, “Good luck it is to have a bird aboard the ship. Seems he take a liking to you, best we catch these fish so Fishguts doesn’t need roast bird for dinner?”
VAREK/LUMAK: Lumak Survival check: 1d20+1 = 13
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Profession(fisherman) 6+1=7
DUNGEON MASTER: Rubeus so excited to see his familiar gives a couple of fishes to hard tack thinking he can catch some more, but unfortunately the fishing for him dries up after that
VAREK/LUMAK: During day’s fishing they make their way back into the kitchen to see what fishguts is up to.
DUNGEON MASTER: Fishguts is only slightly drunk today he is happily cooking away and talking to his pet chickens
DUNGEON MASTER: “How did you boys go?”
VAREK/LUMAK: “It seems we caught more then just fish, we caught a parrot but I think he would rather avoid the choppin block if possible, hehe” replies Lumak to fishguts.
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Hardtack sniffs dismissively at the live poultry.
DUNGEON MASTER: Oooh another bird….not as fine as my chickens but certainly a fine looking specimen!
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Rubeus looks evenly at fishguts and changes the subject. “You be sailin on this ship long?”
DUNGEON MASTER: Kroop sighs…“Too long It feels like a lifetime”
VAREK/LUMAK: Lumak questions Kroop, “All this livestock and supplies, how often does this ship find it’s way to land or do we borrow this stuff from ships we encounter who’s crew don’t need it no more?”
DUNGEON MASTER: Bit o both. We are pirates after all…supplies from other ships is common… Hic…but just as common as going ashore
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “And how common is that?”
DUNGEON MASTER: truthfully don’t rightly know…see to …er…get sick sometimes and loose track of time.
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Diplomacy: 22
VAREK/LUMAK: Lumak Diplomacy check: 1d20+6 = 18
DUNGEON MASTER: [Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop changes to Friendly]
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “I heard some worthy sea dogs talking yestre day about some wizard officers. Were they full o wind?”
DUNGEON MASTER: You mean Peper?
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “Peper you say?”
DUNGEON MASTER: she’s not a wizard…she’s a sorcerer…see the difference is one uses books HIC and the other cast spells from inside of em selves
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “Is that so? What kind of spells does she cast?”
DUNGEON MASTER: ohh some dousys…she’s real good when we take on other ships…sends over a fog ta confuse em
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “I bet that’s all she can do, though, right?”
DUNGEON MASTER: Once she cast a fog that was made of acid burnt all the men we was fighting before we even go there……but Captain didn’t like it much…the acid also affected some of the loot…made it less valuable….Peppery was shaking in her boots that night…Kroop laughs heartily. twas a good night
DUNGEON MASTER: I’ve also seen her send a ball of freezing…well something…out of her finger and it fly over and explode killing all the other crew men on the ship we were taking…it was incredible
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Know: Arcana to find out how powerful this sorcerer is: 25
DUNGEON MASTER: Rubeus realises that the Spells Kroop is describing are 6th level spells and that makes Pepperly at least a level 8 sorcerer
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “Indeed,” agrees Rubeus. "Are any of the other officers even a match for her?’
VAREK/LUMAK: “A spell like that would save us from havin to shed our own blood at the loss of some trinkets they maybe wearin. Is Peppery considered a friend with Plugg and Scourge or would she keep her distance of those two in particular?”
DUNGEON MASTER: Eeeh she don’t care about them, they is beneath her…She is good friends with the Captain. But when she stuffed up that night and he got up her for damaging the loot, ya could tell despite their friendship she was scared he could and might even kill her!
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “With that kind of power, I imagine they’re secure in their command? Never had any real problems with dissatisfied swabs?”
DUNGEON MASTER: HA…Captain could take us all on with one hand behind his back, he ain’t got no fear of us, he been a pirate Captain for years and age ain’t slowed him down.
DUNGEON MASTER: he is part rogue part fighter….so when he don’t kill ya with a frontal assault, he come at ya from nowhere. You never know what hit ya! Kroop shivers with the last statement
DUNGEON MASTER: Best to stay on the good side of him! and if you ever see Peppery…she always locked up in her lab below, well good idea ta stay clear of her… just better for ya health really
DUNGEON MASTER: Betta for the two of you to make friends with the other officers…safer that way
DUNGEON MASTER: …now where did I put that Rum
DUNGEON MASTER: As you walk out side the boat rides a huge wave and most of the new crew sway with it, but are unharmed. You both however barrel accidently into a young human lad
DUNGEON MASTER: “oi you two alright….that was a biggin…gotta get my sea legs yet…sorry about that”
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Rubeus brushes himself off and checks about his person. “Never a worry,” he says at last, looking the lad over critically.
VAREK/LUMAK: Lumak straightens his tunic as he finds his feet on the deck once again. “No need to apologise, we make have to do that once you try the cooking haha!”
DUNGEON MASTER: AAAH cooking duty…I had that yesterday…Kroop seems nice enough but I had to do everything yesterday cause he was completely drunk. good luck tonight
VAREK/LUMAK: “All in good time to find those sea legs. Many a sailor would find himself entertaining the fishes after a wave like that but no, not us. My name is Lumak, have we met before?”
DUNGEON MASTER: Oh names Jacks Scrimshaw can’t say I remember meeting you but after rum rations who knows!
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Diplomacy: 21
VAREK/LUMAK: Lumak Diplomacy check: 1d20+6 = 24
VAREK/LUMAK: [retract]
VAREK/LUMAK: Lumak Diplomacy check: 1d20+6 = 22
DUNGEON MASTER: [Jack Scrimshaw attitude made friendly]
VAREK/LUMAK: “Haha yes imagine what a rum ration does to a halfling. It’s like a double shot! What trade did you ply before you made your way onto the Wormwood?”
DUNGEON MASTER: Oooh I am a carver…he looks over his shoulder to make sure there is no one else watching and he pulls out a wonderfully carved Scrimshaw of a panther
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “You’re a woodcrafter? I was a carpenter’s son… once…” his voice trails off for a moment. “In any case, I be pleased to make your acquaintance.”
DUNGEON MASTER: OOoh that’s wonderful…Yes…I look forward ta catching up with you guys! we might have to play cards or something
VAREK/LUMAK: “That is impressive, and don’t worry we will keep an eye out for you,” replies Lumak as he notices Jack looking out for what he assumes to be Plugg or Scourge.
DUNGEON MASTER: 500 xp each for Jack, Rosie and Kroop
DUNGEON MASTER: [Return to Bloody Hour]
DUNGEON MASTER: Scourge, whips out his cat-o-nine tail and swings it at Stumpy and hits him 3 times. The glee on his face is open for all to see. Stumpy takes 10 non-lethal damage from the 3 lashes
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Stumpy takes the punishment with his ever-present grin.
VAREK/LUMAK: Lumak fakes drinking the rum and attempts to keep the grog for later.
Stealth check: 1d20+11 = 15
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Stumpy attempts to toss his rum, but Rubeus simply tries hold on to his rum ration for later.
Stumpy stealth: 8
Rubeus stealth: 8
VAREK/LUMAK: Varek pretends to drink the rum and will try and discard it when Plugg or Scourge isn’t watching.
Stealth check: 1d20+6 = 11
DUNGEON MASTER: Scourge watches both Stumpy and Rubeus like a hawk however Rosie comes over and “accidently” bumps in to him and (aids another 2) distracts him so they can hide their rum.
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Stumpy grins at Rosie.
STUMPY/RUBEUS: That evening Stumpy and Rubeus will both visit the store.
DUNGEON MASTER: Just as you get to the store Grok is locking up. You guys are too late, me locking up for night!
VAREK/LUMAK: Varek follows Stumpy and Rubeus to the store to chat to Grok. “You couldn’t spare a minute of your time to help us out?”
Diplomacy check: 1d20
2+4 = 18
DUNGEON MASTER: hhhhhm May be I do…maybe I don’t…what’s in it for me priesty boy? Grok then winks
STUMPY/RUBEUS: With an effort, Rubeus keeps his face blank. Stumpy wears his eternal grin.
VAREK/LUMAK: “Perhaps we need more then just a minute then?” Varek shrugs his shoulders but matches Grok with a similar wink.
DUNGEON MASTER: “Well well well …let see what you boys have to offer me shall we”. She unlocks her door and invites you all into her store
STUMPY/RUBEUS: While Grok plunders Varek’s booty, Rubeus casts detect magic to see what is what. Meanwhile, Stumpy looks for a greatsword and a fiddle.
VAREK/LUMAK: Varek moves closer to Grok and flirts (influence) with her, “You certainly have a nice set a wears available. If you ever get injured you must let me know so I can heal and tend to your needs. See this? Varek shows Grok his holy symbol, Besmara gives her blessings, allow me to show you.” Varek channels a healing burst to cure Stumpy’s non-lethal wounds.
Channel healing: 1d6 = 3 hp (double non-lethal healed)
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Spellcraft checks:
wooden locker: 12+9=21
extra 1: 4+9=13
extra 2: 16+9=25
extra 3: 11+9=20
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Stumpy grins at Varek.
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Wooden chest spellcraft: 20
DUNGEON MASTER: Rubeus looks around at the various Wooden Lockers, and Wooden Chests. In one Locker she detects something magical, he realises it is a Candle of Truth. In one wooden chests she detects a 3 magical auras. One of the auras he can’t identify but can identify that the other two auras are a potion of cure light wounds and a potion of haste. In another wooden chest she detects 6 auras of the same thing. There are 6 +1arrows in this chest.

Finally there is a Large Metal trunk that has many auras coming form it, some of them cancel each other out and you can’t identify them. But from what you can pick up there is a 1 animal bane dagger, a +1 short sword, scrolls of cure light wounds, Mage armour, Magic Missile, and summon swarm and a wand of bless weapon.
DUNGEON MASTER: Stumpy realises that if there is a fiddle here it will be in the chests and lockers, Grok clearly does not leave gear out. They are all locked away.
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “I be seekin after a greatsword,” says Stumpy. “And me fiddle.”
DUNGEON MASTER: Grok turns towards Stumpy…aaah do ya now my littlie stumpy one…well that their is business….
DUNGEON MASTER: Great swords…they be 50 gp my friend Grok smile easily
DUNGEON MASTER: I have a master work fiddle her my friend…no that be expensive that one!
DUNGEON MASTER: that be 100gp
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “You might be in need of a dagger or a shorter weapon as well,” says Rubeus pointedly, and Stumpy, after a moment’s thought, replies: “Besmara’s teats, I be needing one of those as well.”
DUNGEON MASTER: Well I have those as well friend!
DUNGEON MASTER: DO you have the cash?
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “I be holding some cash, an’ there’s more where it came from.”
DUNGEON MASTER: well then lets do business
VAREK/LUMAK: “Is that the cursed fiddle of the black rose?” Varek observes it for a moment. “I wouldn’t want having something like that around if possible. Besmara bless us all good fortune and more plunder then we could do with it.”
DUNGEON MASTER: Cursed fiddle….what does the curse do.
VAREK/LUMAK: Bluff check: 1d20
6+4 = 23
DUNGEON MASTER: (that bluff will allow for 170gp worth of goods)
VAREK/LUMAK: The fiddle at first appears to be a mundane fiddle however over time it will slowly sap away the strength and beauty of the one using it. The rumours say the curse effects each player differently depending on their level of skill with the instrument. Even having it near you can result in some minor bad luck."
DUNGEON MASTER: Ummm I think this Fiddle originally came from Rosie…perhaps you could give it back to her?…that would explain how someone who is so strong is so short and looks like a halfling….I don’t want that happening to me…take it away
VAREK/LUMAK: Varek Perception check: 1d20+5 = 11
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Stumpy perception: 11
Rubeus perception: 18
DUNGEON MASTER: Grok opens a Wooden Locker, you see in it all your missing equipment, Rosie Cusswell’s masterwork fiddle, a starknife, 3 flasks of Liquid,
6 f flasks of red goo, four sets of thieves tools and a battered iron box containing at least the candle of truth*.
DUNGEON MASTER: Grok grabs the fiddle and is about to hand it to Varek but changes her mind and instead gives it to Stumpy, here you take it won’t effect you as much as the rest of us
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Stumpy goes right on grinning.
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “A candle could be more useful than it seems,” says Rubeus once again pointedly.
DUNGEON MASTER: Candle…I got a box with about 6 of them
DUNGEON MASTER: they are 1copper each
DUNGEON MASTER: Would you like ta look at them?
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “I would,” says Rubeus.
DUNGEON MASTER: Grok grabs the box of candles, and Rubeus tries to hide his excitement as the box holds the candle of truth
DUNGEON MASTER: They are 6 cp each
STUMPY/RUBEUS: “I’ll take them all,” says Rubeus after a moment’s pause. “Give a sea dog something to read by.”
DUNGEON MASTER: No worries here you go.
DUNGEON MASTER: Grok says, this leather armor was touching the fiddle, would it be cursed now as well?
VAREK/LUMAK: “I will give the leather armour the blessings of Besmara to remove any sin and taint from it.”
DUNGEON MASTER: …you can just take it I am not having no cursed items around me!
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Stumpy sells his two scimitars for 15 gp, and buys his old greatsword for 50gp.
DUNGEON MASTER: Grok grabs several daggers and short swords but doesn’t go anywhere near the metal Trunk that holds the magical weapons Rubeus detected
DUNGEON MASTER: [all characters that have managed to retrieve their good back get 200xp each]
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Stumpy purchases the remainder of his goods for 17 gp, and the remainder of Rubeus’ good for 8 gp.
DUNGEON MASTER: Grok says as much as I would like to chat and hang out with you priesty boy, Kroop is waiting for me with some drinks for me, I can’t keep the drinks waiting…or else Kroop will drink it all, see you later boys, she ushers you out of her store and walks away
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Once they are out of the store, Rubeus hands Varek the scroll of cure moderate wounds, explaining how it came to be in his possession.
DUNGEON MASTER: 400 each xp for making Grok Friendly
STUMPY/RUBEUS: Before heading to bed, Stumpy hands Rosie back her fiddle.
VAREK/LUMAK: Lumak moves away from the crowd and vanishes into the shadows as he moves along searching for a storage chest/locker to steal from.
Stealth check: 1d20+11 = 31
VAREK/LUMAK: Stealth check: 1d20+11 = 25
DUNGEON MASTER: Lumak completes his night time actions by breaking into Fibbs Locker and removing 19gp, a bullseye lantern and a flask of alchemists fire
VAREK/LUMAK: Disable Device check: 1d20+8 = 16
DUNGEON MASTER: Lumak successfully putts the bullseye lantern in the MaHeen’s Locker
VAREK/LUMAK: Lumak attempts to palm the hematite gem into the pocket of the Fibbs with sleight of hand.
Sleight of Hand check: 1d20+7 = 25
DUNGEON MASTER: Lumak was successful in palming the gem into Fibbs pocket

End of Day/Night 3

  • Call ended, duration 5:02:26 *

[Deleted double post—drew 9/23/12]



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