Rubeus Timmerman

Level-gazed, Hard-working, Ruthlessly Efficient Craftsman


N Male Human Wizard(Conjurer—Teleportation) Lvl 1
Age: 28 years; Height: 6’; Weight: 170 lbs.; Deity: Besmara

Ability Scores:
Atr Score Mod Item Mod Temp Mod
Str 13 1
Dex 14 2
Con 14 2
Int 20 5
Wis 13 1
Cha 12 1

(2+Int per level)

Name Ranks Total
Craft(Alchemy) 1 9
Craft(Carpentry) 0 6 (1 trait)
Diplomacy 1 5 (inc +3 fam.)
Heal 1 6 (inc. trait bonus)
Know(Arcana) 1 9
Know(Nature) 1 9
Perception 1 6 (
2 fam.; inc trait)
Prof(Sailor) 1 6
Sense Motive 0 3 (+2 fam.)
Spellcraft 1 9

Languages: Common, Elven, Celestial, Infernal, Abyssal, Aurian, Aquan

Lingustics: I recommend learning Celestial, Infernal, Abyssal, Terran, Ingan, Aurian, and Aquan if you plan to do much summoning.  Always nice to be able to give verbal commands.


Fort Ref Will
Base 0 0 2
w/ Stats 2 2 3


Initiative: 6 (2 Dex; +4 Feat)

Hitpoints: (6 base, 2 Con, 3 feat, 1 Favored Class)

BAB: 0
CMB: 1 (1 str + 0 BAB + 0 Misc)

Attack Dam Notes Crit Type
Light Crossbow 2 1d8 50 bolts; 80 ft range 19-20/x2 S
Dagger 1 1d4+1 10 ft range 18-20/x2 P, S
Club 1 1d6+1 10 ft range X2 B

Armor Class
Regular FF Touch
Base AC 12 10 12
/w Mage Armor (4) (4) (+4)
CMD 13 11 -


Shift (as teleport): (5 feet per 2 levels; 3+int times per day)

Cast Defensively: +6 (1 lvl, 5 Int)
To Beat SR: +1 (1 level)
Summon spells receive +1/2 level duration
Opposition Schools are Abjuration & Enchantment

Level 0 Spells (DC 15; Cast Defensively DC 15)
Detect Magic Wizard
Read Magic Wizard
Prestdigitation Wizard
Acid Splash Wizard (Conj) 1D3 acid damage

Level 1 Spells (DC 16; Cast Defensively DC 17)
Color Spray Wizard
Enlarge Person Wizard(Extra Int)
Infernal Healing Wizard(Extra Int)
Grease Wizard (Conj)


Rubeus is as plain-looking a sailor as ever there was. His close-cropped hair is the color of reddish sand; his face is open, honest and in every way unremarkable; his body is that of a craftsman, who possesses strength, endurance, and control in moderate degrees. Rubeus typically wears bleached white shirts (the sleeves of which are often blood-stained from surgery) and baggy sailor’s pants tied off with a rope.

Despite his impressive intellect, Rubeus prefers to spend the hours working with his hands. The satisfaction of looking over the product of an honest day’s work has colored his view on spellcraft, intrigue, medicine, and seamanship, and he approaches each of these endeavors with much the same fortitude as he does building a rocking chair. His impassiveness and his patience make him a formidable adversary, just as much as his arcane talents.

Rubeus is the son of a carpenter. His early years were spent attending his father amidst the ever-present sounds of saw, chisel and lathe. As a member of a craftsman’s guild, his father earned enough income to send his son to a small school, intended to do no more than teach the children their letters. However, as fate would have it, the school was run by a wizard of no great repute, who quickly noted and informed the father of Rubeus’ knack for magic. From that moment on, the course was set—both his father and mother were determined that their boy must attend the Cheliax Academy. They simply would not hear of anything else.

Thus, seven years later, at the tender age of fifteen, Rubeus was put to sea as a passenger on a ship bound for the Egorian Academy, in possession of both a letter of acceptance and a chest of gold sufficient to pay his first two years’ tuition. Alas, the Inner Sea teems with pirates, and it was Rubeus’ bad luck that his ship was boarded by scimitar weilding bandits of the sea, who lost no time in looting the tuition money his parents had so carefully stored away. Aghast, the boy decided to join the pirate crew in the hope of retrieving the gold or-if all else failed—to earn his own chest of plunder to replace the one he had lost.

The years lengthened, the boy became a man, and despite serving on several different vessels, Rubeus has not yet had the chance to regain his lost chest of gold. But bad luck cannot last forever…

Rubeus Timmerman

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