Sin "Stumpy" Dakamon

Peg-Legged, Tattooed, Muscled Pirate


CN Male Half-Elf Barbarian Lvl 1
Age: 25 years; Height: 5’10"; Weight: 185 lbs.; Deity: Calistra
Speed: 20’

Ability Scores:
Atr Score Mod Item Mod Temp Mod
Str 20 (24) 5 (7)
Dex 15 2
Con 18 (22) 4 (6)
Int 14 2
Wis 14 2
Cha 11 0

Note: Rage bonuses are non-stacking morale bonuses

(4+Int per level)

Name Ranks Total
Climb 1 9 (11)
Intimidate 1 4
Perception 1 8 (inc. +2 race bonus)
Prof(Sailor) 1 6
Prof(Siege Eng.) 1 6
Swim 1 9 (11)

Languages: Common, Elven, Infernal, Cyclopsian


Fort Ref Will
Base 2 0 0
Trait (+1)
w/ Stats 5 (7) 2 2
Vs. Ench - - 4

(Immune to magic sleep.)


Initiative: 4 (2 Dex; +2 Trait)

Hitpoints: (12 base, 4 Con, 1 Favored Class; 2 while raging)
17 (
2 rage)

BAB: 1
CMB: 6 (5 str + 1 BAB + 0 Misc)

Attack Pwr Att. Dam PA Dam. Notes Crit Type
Greatsword, (2H) 6 (8) 5 (7) 2D6+7 2d6+10 19-20/x2 S
(2d6+9) (2d6+12)
Greatsword w/ Enlarge Person 6 (8) 5 (7) 3D6+9 3d6+12 2 Str, -2 Dex, -1 Att, Reach 18-20/x2 S
12) (3d6+15)
Greatclub, (2H) 6 (8) 5 (7) 1D10+7 1d10+10 x2 B
(1d10+9) (1d10+12)
Halberd, (2H) 6 (8) 5 (7) 2D4+7 2d4+10 brace, trip x3 P, S
(2d4+9) (2d4+12)
Dagger 6 (8) 5 (7) 1d4+5 1d4+7 19-20/x2 P, S
(1d4+7) (1d4+9)
Gauntlet, Spiked 6 (8) 5 (7) 1d4+5 1d4+7 x2 P
(1d4+7) (1d4+9)
Sling 2 x 1d4+5 x Range: 50’ x2 B
Vs. water creatures (trait) (1) (1) Trait bonus; not multiplied on crit NA NA

Rage: (4+4+2/level after first level)

Armor Class
Regular FF Touch
Base AC 12 (10) 10 (8) 12 (10)
w/Leather Armor (2) (2)
w/Enlarge Person (-1) - (-1)
CMD 17 15 -
w/Enlarge Person (1) (1) -


Stumpy’s stringy, yellow hair is often oily and uncombed. His tattooed, muscled body belies his elven heritage. He is not tall, but his bulk gives him a presence well beyond his stature. A polished dark-wood peg is attached to the stump under his left knee—all that remains of his leg. His ice-blue eyes are often red-rimmed , as though he has taken too much rum. Despite his appearance, Stumpy benefits from an ever-present grin that rises to the corners of his eyes—a trait that has aided in the seduction of more than one fishmonger’s daughter.

Stumpy’s disheveled exterior conceals an erudite mind, far surpassing that of the typical sea-dog. Although he loves the unrestrained freebooter’s life more than anything in the world, there is another side to his mind—a side that longs for the stability that his childhood never afforded him. Thus his moods are as varied as the sea—melancholy one moment, raging the next. The only thing constant is his grin, for no matter his mood, he is a man always game. He speaks with a sea-dog’s drawl, occasionally employing sophisticated words as befits a man of his intellect.

Stumpy is the son of a woman of the far north, who is known by many names: the White Whore, the Siren of Infendel, the Devourer. Some say she is a hag, or a half-demon, or a dark fairy, or an exile of Irisen. In reality, she is but a hard-hearted elven witch who dwells in a lighthouse on a cold, white shore.

Her first—and only—child she named “Sin”, believing that he had been sired by an ice demon. The boy had a hard, unhappy life—at one point, when he was eight years old, his mother tied him down and allowed a reefclaw to chew off his deformed foot, while she stood nearby laughing. As the child grew into a man, he learned to trust only his strength and his anger—a mentality his mother rather encouraged.

One day when he was a young man, Sin simply walked away from his unpleasant home, with only the clothes on his back and the axe at his side. Without looking back, he found passage on a sea, and has since lived an unsavory life in the high seas. So far as he knows, his mother has made no effort to seek him out; nor he her.

Sin "Stumpy" Dakamon

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